Sanctuary City BS!

Seems like I see more crap about “sanctuary cities” than is worth any one persons time to read about. Why are we even talking about this and why is it even a thing? I’m not sure I totally understand why our citizenry think it’s OK to break the law and have local governments be uncooperative with federal law officials when they are searching for the perpetrators. I’m all for immigration when it’s done legally. When you are an illegal immigrant, the first thing you did when you entered this country was to BREAK THE LAW! When, in a country of laws, did this become the norm? Let me tell you why I think it’s acceptable now. VOTES and MONEY! This generates votes to put or keep people in office, which in turn generates money for these politicians. Once we understand that this country was founded on LAWS and begin to enforce them, then maybe things will begin to straighten out. Until then, we will continue to live under chaos and unruliness, because it is seen as acceptable.